Step 1: Make sure your email address is registered

Firstly, you'll need to ensure the email address you send from (eg is registered for sending messages via TNZ. If it isn't, contact your sales representative or check out the Adding a New Email Address for Sending guide.


Step 2: Creating your email message

The next step is to create your Email to SMS message.


Field Example Value Description

The Email-to-SMS email address (

You can alternatively specify an Address Book Group: (the system will send the message to all contacts in the Group; the group code can be found by viewing the Address Book group, then clicking Group Maintenance)

SUBJECT My Test Text Your own message reference
BODY Hello, this is a test message. Thank you. Text message to be sent


Download a PDF Guide: Send SMS via Email (Email2SMS)

Step 3: Tracking your SMS message

You can check the status of your message by:

a. Checking the status via your dashboard login
b. Receiving a delivery report via email


Step 4: Receiving SMS Replies

If the mobile phone replies:

a. An email notification is sent to you, and
b. You can view replies received via your dashboard login



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Email-to-SMS work?

Our service converts your email into a text message. The mobile will see a normal text on their phone.

Can I send multiple SMS at once?

You can list multiple mobile numbers in the email TO field, e.g. ",,"

You can also use the Email-to-SMS Broadcast function (attaching a CSV list of mobile numbers).

If you are sending larger broadcasts, the Web Dashboard is a better option with support for importing contact lists.

Sending personalised SMS Text Messages (SMS Merge)

If you're interested in sending personalised broadcasts, check out the Web Dashboard.


How many email addresses can be registered for sending?

You can have unlimited users set up for sending.

We can also enable domain access, meaning all users * can send.


 Can I send long text messages (more than 160 characters)?

Yes! You pay per block of text that you send. 

See the Long SMS guide for more information.


Can I send texts internationally?

Yes - we provide efficient and reliable delivery to Vodafone, Spark, 2Degrees and Skinny in New Zealand, as well as Australia, the United Kingdom and other worldwide mobile networks.

Our SMS Coverage reaches over 75% of the world. We cover 99.7% of Europe, along with 340 networks in 140 countries.


Can I send pictures or files through SMS?

Yes, our File Link service supports attaching files (documents, images, videos, etc) to your email and sending these to the mobile.

See the File Link Product Page and the File Link Guide for instructions.


Can I resell your SMS service?

Check out the TNZ Wholesale page for details.