Steps to add extra email addresses:

  1. Log into the Web Dashboard at
  2. Select Users | Outbound Users from the menu
  3. Click the Create button
  4. Add new user's email address to the "User Email Address" field
  5. Click Save


Primary Fields explained:

User Status Setting a user to 'Inactive' will disable their ability to send messages
SubAccount Used for billing, reporting and privilege purposes
Department Used for billing, reporting and privilege purposes
Friendly User Name Optional friendly name
User Email Address Email address to be authorised for sending messages. Can be listed in format, or for wildcard domain access, set this to the domain name, eg


Optional fields explained:

Domain Account If you wish to allow all users at a particular domain to use the service, toggle this to 'Yes' and ensure the 'User Email Address' field specifies a domain and not a full email address, eg
Delivery Report Type Defines the notifications that the user sees, such as all notifications, or disabling SUCCESS notifications, or changing the email template
Origin Code Defines the users local area code so that the system can interpret their number formatting
User Token TOKEN field required for API use (leave this field blank if the user requires non-API access)
Timezone The user's local timezone (specified in reporting)
SMS Reply Email Hardcode SMS Replies to be emailed to this email address
SMS Send Updates If the SMS RESULT code is updated after delivery, send the user an update (eg where initially the delivery is 'delivered-to-network' and is later updated to 'delivered')
SMS Concat Level The number of message-parts able to be sent per SMS message (default is 1, equaling 160 GSM characters)
SMS Merge Subject For Email-to-SMS users, this field merges both the Subject and Email Body into the message
SMS Template Setting this to 'Yes' wraps the user's SMS messages with the below Header and Footer
SMS Header Prefixes the SMS message when SMS Template=Yes
SMS Footer Suffixes the SMS message when SMS Template=Yes
Fax Permissions This field includes the user where opt-outs are managed
Display Fax Number The user's friendly name (CSID) to be displayed on outbound faxes (conventionally this is a numerical number, but an alphanumeric Company Name can be used)
Caller Line ID The Caller ID (CLI) to be used on sent messages or voice calls (must be in E164 format with no leading plus, eg '6495005000')
Disable Fax Archiving Disable Fax Archiving (a fax security measure)
Home Directory The user's cover page directory
Ancestor Cover Page Ancestor
Default Cover Page The cover page included on
the user's faxes
Default Cover Page Margin Adds a margin to the cover page specified (default is '0', common option is '3600')

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