Step 1: Make sure your email address is registered

Firstly, you'll need to ensure the email address you send from (eg is registered for sending messages via TNZ. If it isn't, contact your sales representative or check out the Adding a New Email Address for Sending guide.


Step 2: Creating your email message

The next step is to create your Email to Voice message.


Field Example Value Description
TO The Email-to-Voice email address (
SUBJECT My Test Call Your own message reference
BODY Hi, this is a test call using the TNZ email to voice service. Thank you for receiving this call. Goodbye. The voice message to be sent

Step 3: Tracking your Voice message

You can check the status of your message by:

a. Checking the status via your dashboard login
b. Receiving a delivery report via email


Download the PDF Guide: Send Voice via Email (Email2Voice)