You are able to receive SMS messages using your TNZ Group account.

There are three methods for receiving SMS:

  1. Via your Dashboard login
    Inbound SMS is logged in your dashboard (View Messages | SMS Received).
    From here, you can export a list of SMS received, add or remove contacts from your Address Book, or send messages back to the mobile phone.

  2. Via Email
    Your account can be configured to send you an email notification each time a SMS message is received.
    This notification can optionally contain the sender's mobile number, contact information (if available) and the previous message sent to the mobile (if a reply).

  3. Via API (Webook or Poll)
    The API can be configured to send a webhook on receipt of the SMS (see REST Webhook or .NET Webhook).
    You can also Poll for received SMS messages (see REST Poll or .NET Poll).


There are two services that support receiving SMS:

  1. Standard SMS Service
    When using our standard SMS services, you are able to receive Replies.
    I.e. when you send a message to a mobile phone, the mobile is typically able to reply back to this message.

  2. Dedicated Number & Virtual Mobile Number services
    When using these services, we set you up with your own dedicated number.
    Mobiles are able to send a text to this number at any time (it doesn't have to be a reply).
    Any messages you send will come from this number.