Some restrictions apply to the size of faxes you send:

Account Credit Limit

Your account has a spending limit configured to prevent bill-shock and runaway processes. When your credit limit is reached, faxes will be held in a Credit Hold queue and your accounting administrator will receive an email notification.

Fax Contact Number Limit

Broadcasts can include up to 50,000 fax numbers. The maximum list file size is 25MB.

Fax Page Limit

There is no page limit for faxing. We regularly see faxes over 100 fax pages in size.

File Size Limit

When sending faxes (includes email to fax and when using the Dashboard to send a fax), there is a 25MB file size limit. Larger files will need to be split into separate faxes.

Fax Depth Limit

Faxes are images turned into a voice call and transmitted down a telephone line. Due to this design, faxes with a greater colour depth (more colour than white space) will take longer to transmit. Normally there is no limit, however this can introduce Communication Error type failures when sending faxes internationally.

Other Considerations

Check our Fax Best Practice Guidelines for information on creating the best possible fax.