Tailored specifically for HubSpot users, TNZ SMS is a HubSpot marketplace app that transforms how you communicate with your contacts by seamlessly integrating TNZ's SMS messaging into your HubSpot ecosystem.


  • Direct SMS to Contacts: Send SMS messages to your contacts within HubSpot directly from the sidebar.
  • Workflow SMS Triggers: Automate SMS messages in Deals and Workflows, ensuring timely and relevant interactions without manual effort.
  • Conversation Continuity: Keep the conversation flowing with support for SMS replies. All conversations are neatly organized in the HubSpot Timeline, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  • Contact Sync: Sync your HubSpot contacts into the TNZ Dashboard to fully utilize TNZ's SMS, Email and Voice broadcasting and marketing tools.
  • Exclusive Focus on New Zealand and Australia: Enjoy competitive pricing and unparalleled service quality for sending SMS to mobile numbers in New Zealand and Australia.


Connecting TNZ SMS

Step 1: Log into your TNZ Dashboard

Login to your TNZ Account: https://my.tnz.co.nz

Ensure your TNZ login name matches your HubSpot login name.

If you do not have an account, you can register here: https://www.tnz.co.nz/Services/SignUp


Step 2: Connect TNZ to HubSpot

From the menu, select Service Settings, then Integrations, then HubSpot and connect your HubSpot account.

Ensure your TNZ login name matches your HubSpot login name.

Step 3: Find the TNZ SMS app in HubSpot

In HubSpot, open a Contact, Company or Deal with a linked Mobile Phone Number.

You will see the TNZ SMS app in the sidebar. Click Send New SMS to create a new message.



Step 4: View message history in the HubSpot Timeline & Activity Feed

Under a Contact, Company or Deal, recent SMS messages sent and received will display in the activities section.

You can also view recent SMS messages in the Activity Feed.


Step 5: Send SMS in Workflows

You can optionally use SMS messaging in Workflows, for example, automatically send a welcome SMS when creating a new Contact.