It is imperative to include an opt-out/unsubscribe function in any broadcast SMS message, especially if it's promotional in nature.

A popular option is to include the phrase "Reply STOP to OptOut" allowing the mobile to reply via text.

Alternatively, you can use the [[STOP]] command to insert a clickable link, for example "Click [[STOP]] to OptOut".

When sending to an opted out mobile number, the SMS will fail with the result "Destination is blacklisted" and you will not be charged.


Automated Opt-Outs

TNZ's SMS service includes an automated unsubscribe tool.

When a SMS is received that begins with 'stop', 'optout' or 'unsubscribe', the mobile number will automatically be added to your Dashboard Opt-Out List.

You can view the list of opt-outs at Dashboard Opt-Out List.


Manual Opt-Outs

Using the Dashboard Opt-Out List tool, you can manually add opt-outs.

You can also add a mobile number to the list under View Messages | SMS Received, checking the box next to the received message, and clicking Create.