Mobile users see SMS as a safe communications channel, particularly when messages are sent from short code numbers.

Unfortunately, scammers are exploiting this and are using SMS to spread spam and phishing. In conjunction with industry changes, we have implemented a URL Whitelisting measure to combat phishing in text messages.

All links sent via our SMS service must first be approved and added to our URL Whitelist, keeping our SMS service 100% Phishing-Free and protecting the integrity of our customers using SMS.


What this means for you

If you send a text message that contains a 'new' URL, your message will be held while our Support Team review the URL. Links are typically reviewed within 5 minutes.

When the review is completed, the URL is added to the whitelist and your SMS message is automatically released for sending. You do not need to resend your message.

This policy applies to normal links and links sent using the TNZ URL Shortener.

New links can be pre-approved by contacting the Support Team.


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