SMS messages have a limited length, so you want to save characters!

TNZ's SMS service has a built-in automated URL Shortener.


Why use TNZ's URL Shortener?

A couple of benefits:

  • It's free to use
  • It's built into the TNZ service - no external system needed!
  • It uses links, or use your own short domain for an additional fee
  • It uses unique links per mobile number so you can track who opens which links, when, and on which device, all from within the TNZ Dashboard

You can send a maximum of 9 links per message.


How to send short links using TNZ's URL Shortener


When using the Dashboard, the Link tool can be found under Send SMS | Add Commands | [[Link]]


APIs & Email-to-SMS

Simply insert the Link command into the SMS message.

You send:

Check the link for info: [[Link:]]


The mobile receives:

Check the link for info:



How to track clicks and opens

From the TNZ Dashboard, select View Messages | Message Link Tracking to see link reports.