Many customers use a third party service to receive email notifications and wish to receive these as SMS messages on their mobile.

Often these third party services will send email alerts from a email address. It is not recommended to add this email address to your list of Outbound Users as there is a risk that other customers of the third party could send messages that are charged to your account.



The best option is to set up a redirection from your Microsoft email address (,,

Steps to set this up:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click the Settings gear icon (top right of the screen) then click View All Outlook Settings
  3. Under Mail | Rules, click Add New Rule
  4. Enter values as:
    1. Rule Name: Your own preferred name
    2. Add A Condition: From=the third party's email address
    3. Add An Action: Forward To=the TNZ SMS email address (eg or
    4. Stop processing more rules: Box checked
  5. Save the new rule

Now when receiving an email from the third party service, your Live account will forward the email to the desired mobile numbers, adding an extra layer of security.