Once your fax number is set up with TNZ for Fax-to-Email, faxes will appear in your inbox as emails with a PDF attachment (seemingly like magic!)
You do not need to change your email settings to receive Fax-to-Email messages.

In summary, when a fax is sent to your TNZ Fax-to-Email number:

  1. The sender of the fax will insert their fax document into their fax machine and dial your fax number.
  2. The sender's fax machine will call your fax number, which is answered by our fax servers.
  3. The sender's fax machine will negotiate a sending signal with our fax server, then begin sending the fax.
  4. Once our fax server has received the entire fax document, it will close off the call.
  5. Our fax server will then deliver the fax to you electronically (via the internet).