Once your email address is registered with TNZ for Email-to-Fax, you will be able to send emails which are converted to faxes and delivered to the intended recipient.
You do not need to change your email settings to be able to send Email-to-Fax messages.

In summary, when you send a fax:

  1. You send your fax document via TNZ.
  2. TNZ converts the fax document into a raw fax image and passes this on to the fax server.
  3. The fax server calls the receiving fax number, which is answered by the receiving fax machine.
  4. The fax server will negotiate a sending signal with the receiving fax machine, then begin sending the fax.
  5. Once the fax server has sent the entire fax, it will close off the call.
  6. The fax server will then log all the call details for your later reference.

You can download a full guide to sending Email-to-Fax messages here: How To Send Email-to-Fax

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