Connect to TNZ's app and send and receive SMS messages in your Make Scenarios.


  • Send SMS: Set up a module that can send SMS from Make using TNZ
  • Receive SMS: Set up a trigger when an SMS is received to your TNZ account
  • Intuitive Dashboard: View messages sent and received in TNZ's easy-to-use web dashboard
  • Continuity: Use Make to trigger automations, then continue the conversation using TNZ's messaging tools (Dashboard, API and other Integrations such as HubSpot and Pipedrive).
  • Exclusive Focus on New Zealand and Australia: Enjoy competitive pricing and unparalleled service quality for sending SMS to mobile numbers in New Zealand and Australia.


Connecting TNZSMS

Step 1: Log into your TNZ Dashboard

Login to your TNZ Account:

If you do not have an account, you can register here:


Step 2: Connect TNZ to Make

From the menu, select Service Settings, then Integrations, then Make and connect your Make account.

Ensure your TNZ login name matches your Make login name.


Step 3: Add a Make Connection for TNZSMS

  1. From Make:

    1. Create a new Make Scenario
    2. Select the TNZSMS app
    3. Select 'Send SMS'
    4. Click 'Create a Connection'


Then from the TNZ Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Users and click on your User Email Address
  2. Click on the API tab to view your APIKey
    If the API is not enabled, you will need to:
    1. Click the 'Edit/Modify' button
    2. Click 'Enable API'
    3. Click the Refresh button next to 'API Key'
    4. Click 'Update' to save your changes

Then back to Make:

  1. Copy your User Email Address into Make's "Sender" field (from Step 1 above)
  2. Copy your API Key into Make's "APIKey" field (from Step 2 above)

Step 4: Add TNZSMS to a Make Scenario

In Make:

1. Open a Scenario (you can open an existing Scenario or create a new one)

2. Add a Module to your Scenario (click the + icon) and select TNZSMS

3. Select TNZ, then select the appropriate event (to Send a message, or Receive a message)

4. Save and test your Scenario



Step 5: View message history in the TNZ Dashboard

When sending messages through Make, you can review your usage in the TNZ Dashboard.

Select 'View Messages' then 'Detailed Messages Sent' from the menu.