To update your voicemail number's welcome message, you will first need to register an Admin Number. When the Admin Number calls your Voicemail number, it will hear an "Enter your PIN" message.

1) To register your Admin Calling Number:

  • Log into the web dashboard at
  • Select Service Settings | TFone Voice Numbers from the menu
  • Click on the voicemail number you would like to update
  • Click the Edit/Modify button
  • Select the Others tab
  • Add the desired Admin Number and PIN Number
  • Click the Update button

2) Now we have loaded your Admin Calling Number into system. The next step is to record your voice prompts.

  • Call your Voicemail Number from the number you registered as the Admin Calling Number. Your Voicemail Number must see your Admin Calling Number as the incoming Caller ID. Ensure your Admin Calling Number does not come in as "Anonymous" or "Private Number".
  • Enter your PIN Number followed by the hash (#) key
  • Press '2' to record a voice prompt
  • Press '1' to record voice mail prompt
  • Record your message, and press hash (#) key when finished
  • Press '1' to listen, '2' to start over, or you can hangup

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