Using the online dashboard, you can adjust your Voice number's settings via the Inbound Mode screen.

When selecting a number from the list, then viewing the Inbound Mode tab, these options are presented:

  • Use Profile - sets special date/time routing for inbound calls. For example, send calls within business hours to a specific number, while sending calls after hours to a voicemail service.
  • Receive VoIP Calls - send inbound calls to a SIP registration point.
  • Take Voicemail - send inbound calls to a voicemail service. The voicemail is recorded and emailed to you. Learn to change your voicemail greeting.
  • Call Menu/IVR - send inbound calls to a call menu service ("Press One for Accounts"). Each keypad option can be specified individually. Learn to change your call menu prompts.
  • Transfer Calls (Follow Me) - divert calls to another number or group of numbers.
  • Call Screen - divert calls to another number or group of numbers, while allowing the answerer to Press 1 to accept the call.
  • Reject All Calls - sets the number to 'disconnected' (caller hears disconnected tone).